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Please read our guidelines section before attempting any of our free weight muscle building abs exercises.

Flat Barbell Abs Crunches Exercise Summary
Technique User Level Intensity Primary Muscle Secondary Muscle Exercise Goal Benefits
Technique Intermediate + Moderate Middle Abdominals None Mass Strength
Exercise Needs
Equipment Needed A barbell, an abs bench and a suitable amount of weight
Equipment Guide Check out our collection of top quality smith machines
Stretching Exercise Guide Read our abs stretching exercise guide before starting
Muscle Group Guide Also see information about the abdominals muscles

Flat Barbell Abs Crunches Technique Instructions

Flat Bench Barbell Abs Crunches
Technique - If you are using a decline abs bench you will need to use a second weight bench to raise it's height to a flat position before starting the exercise. Sit down on the weight bench and hook your feet into the supports, at this point it may be easier if someone can hand you the barbell. Grip the barbell in a wide position with your palms facing forwards evenly behind your neck and start the exercise when you are ready. Inhale as you lower your upper body down in a slow, controlled manner keeping your back straight whilst maintaining control over the barbell. Stop when your shoulder blades are brushing the weight bench but do not lay down. Exhale as you raise your upper body back to the starting position again keeping your back straight whilst maintaining control over the barbell. Lean forwards at the top of the motion and squeeze in your abs muscles.

Flat Barbell Abs Crunches Video