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Please read our guidelines section before attempting any of our free weight hamstring exercises.

Dumbbell Frog Squats Exercise Summary
Technique User Level Intensity Primary Muscle Secondary Muscle Exercise Goal Hamstring Impact
Technique Beginner + Moderate Quadricep Muscles Hamstrings / Glute's Strength / Shape Moderate
Exercise Needs
Equipment Needed Two dumbbells and a suitable amount of weight
Equipment Guide Check out our collection of top quality barbells and dumbbells
Stretching Exercise Guide Please read our hamstring stretching exercise guide before starting
Muscle Group Guide Also see information about the hamstrings muscles

Dumbbell Frog Squats Technique Instructions

Dumbbell Frog Squats
Technique - Start by bending your knees keeping your back straight when picking up the dumbbells. Grip the dumbbells in a normal fashion as it's not that important with this exercise. When ready stand up and place your feet shoulder width apart and turn your feet so that your they point in a diagonal direction. Hold the dumbbells to your side with your palms facing towards you. Inhale as you squat down keeping your back straight in a slow, controlled manner until your thighs are in a horizontal position. Hold this position for a count of 1. Exhale as you press back to the starting position again keeping your back straight. Do not allow your knees to fully lockout before starting the next rep as this will maintain pressure on the muscles being used and increase the overall benefits of the exercise.

Dumbbell Frog Squats Video

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