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Please read our guidelines section before attempting any of our free weight tricep exercises.

Flat EZ Close Grip Bench Press Exercise Summary
Technique User Level Intensity Primary Muscle Secondary Muscle Exercise Goal Benefits
Technique Beginner + Hard Tricep Muscles None Mass Size
Exercise Needs
Equipment Needed A weight bench, an ez barbell and a suitable amount of weight
Equipment Guide Check out our collection of top quality barbells and dumbbells
Stretching Exercise Guide Read our tricep stretching exercise guide before starting
Muscle Group Guide Also see information about the tricep muscles

Flat EZ Close Grip Bench Press Technique Instructions

Flat Close Grip EZ Barbell Bench Press
Technique - Start by setting the weight bench to a flat position and place an ez bar with a suitable amount of weight onto the stands. Sit down at the end of the weight bench with your legs apart and your feet well planted for stability. When ready lay back, grip the ez bar tow thumb widths apart from the center on the sections that will curve your hands and wrists inwards. When ready remove the ez bar from the stands and move it forwards slightly so that tit is over the middle portion of your chest. Inhale as you lower the ez bar down towards your chest in a slow, controlled manner not allowing the ez bar to touch. Exhale as you press the ez bar back to the starting position not allowing your arms to fully lock out before performing the next rep as this will maintain pressure on the tricep muscles and increase the overall benefits of the exercise.

Flat EZ Close Grip Bench Press Video

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