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Please read our guidelines section before attempting any of our smith machine traps exercises.

Smith Machine Seated Behind Shrugs Exercise Summary
Technique User Level Intensity Primary Muscle Secondary Muscle Exercise Goal Benefits
Technique Intermediate + Strong Trapezius Muscles None Size Strength
Exercise Needs
Equipment Needed A smith machine, a weight bench and a suitable amount of weight
Equipment Guide Check out our collection of top quality smith machines
Stretching Exercise Guide Read our shoulder stretching exercise guide before starting
Muscle Group Guide Also see information about the trapezius muscles

Smith Machine Seated Behind Shrugs Technique Instructions

Smith Machine Seated Behind Shrugs
Technique - Start by placing a weight bench inside the smith machine length ways with one end right next to the bar. Next remove the weight from the bar and raise it to the height of the bench. Re-attach a suitable amount of weight and sit down on the end of the weight bench with your back to the bar. Sit tall and reach behind your to grip the bar shoulder width apart with your palms facing away from. Twist the bar to remove it from the supports and start the exercise when ready. Exhale as you shrug your shoulders upwards keeping your upper body strong and arms straight. Squeeze your traps muscles inwards at the top of the motion and hold the position for a count of 1. Inhale as you lower your shoulders back down in a controlled manner. Do not allow your shoulders to come to a complete rest before starting the next rep as this will maintain pressure on the trapezius muscles and increase the overall benefits of the exercise.

Smith Machine Seated Behind Shrugs Video